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Welcome to the official team website for the racing yacht 'Jackal' - a J80 Sports Boat, based in Bahrain, Middle East of all places. Campaigned by a highly dedicated team of relative novices, Jackal was built in 1994 and struggles to remain competetive today. Recently a full refit has enabled regular racing in a mixed fleet, but we've also kept on adding to the boat's image, as someone told us that 'image is everything'.

TeamJackal may be an amateur racing entity, but that doesn't mean we have to behave like the part-time yachtsmen we are. Far from it. We've decided to campaign the yacht with all the professionalism possible: The really gung-ho ocean racers all have their websites on their booms, and in the spirit of yachting, we've decided to join them.If you're campaigning a boat here in Bahrain and you'd like to join us in promoting our inadequacies to the world, then send us your details with a few embarrasing pictures and we'll get your name in lights, beamed across the vast emptiness of cyberspace.....

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